Leading From An Emotionally Intelligent Mindset

In this episode, leading from an emotionally intelligent mindset is discussed while reflecting on what I observed in my extraordinary family dynamics. I recount how, even at an early age with my siblings, I often took the lead within my household as though I had a fundamental knowledge that I was being prepared for a unique journey. This was the catalyst that propelled me on the path of transformation while embodying the qualities of leadership. I define true altruistic leadership and share some insight as to how to cultivate such a disposition within oneself. I draw parallels to historical figures like Jean Jacques, Dessalines, Toussaint Louverture, and Marcus Aurelius as well as spiritual masters. Whether you are leading a corporation or serving in government and/or raising a family, I will help you understand the essence of effective leadership and the importance of emotional intelligence when guiding and inspiring others.

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