In Service to God, Family and Country || Richard Goble || Frankly Speaking with Sendra D.

Listen to this titillating conversation with Mr. Richard Goble regarding his experience in the stock brokerage as a FINRA Governor and currently a Florida Congressional District 7 candidate. He opens up to Sendra D. about what inspired him throughout his 30 years of leadership. : I invite you to take notes as he share why after all his business successes including on wall street, he decided to run for office at the height of his career. You will not want to miss this if you too are inspired to lead in the business or political arena.

  • Greetings from SEND’ Or TV by Sendra Dorcé.
  • This is a motivational and inspirational videos of interview with investors, entrepreneurs, visionaries, and experts in their fields about their journey.
  • The Prime purpose of the video is to inspire personal transformation through imagination, self-empowerment and vision.


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