Giving Hope to the Caregivers with Peter Rosenberger – Part 2

Peter Rosenberger sit down with Sendra Dorcé to discuss his journey and experience as a caregiver as well some of his views on the societal landscape. He is a author/radio host and advocate to and for the family caregivers. Drawing upon his 30 years of experience as a caregiver, he offers practical help to strengthen his fellow caregivers.

Founders of S & P Global Pitch Sendra Dorcé and Phuong Skovgaard discuss weekly trends and hot topics in the SME space worldwide. This week they discuss how the qualification of an SME vary from Europe to Asia to the USA.

  • Greetings from SEND’ Or TV by Sendra Dorcé.
  • This is a motivational and inspirational videos of interview with investors, entrepreneurs, visionaries, and experts in their fields about their journey.
  • The Prime purpose of the video is to inspire personal transformation through imagination, self-empowerment and vision.


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