Mediation: An Unparalleled Tool To Master Conflicts Effectively With Robin Caral Shaw

Welcome to another enlightening episode! In this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Robin Caral Shaw, an experienced corporate attorney and mediator based in Florida. Robin shared her journey from being a native New Yorker to becoming a successful lawyer and mediator in both Washington, D.C. and Florida.
During our conversation, Robin highlighted the challenges of balancing the roles of a mediator and a lawyer, emphasizing the importance of neutrality and impartiality in mediation. She shared personal stories of some of the most poignant mediations she has conducted, including cases involving family disputes, personal injury, and even postal mediation during the anthrax scare.
Ms. Shaw also delves into her work, training other mediators and the necessity of continuing education to enhance the professionals in the field. She shares real-life touching stories from her mediation cases, revealing both the emotional and practical sides of the process. We also explore the benefits of mediation and the pivotal role of a mediator in helping parties reach solutions. Also, we highlight the value of training with experienced mediators like herself. Don’t miss out on this engaging episode filled with actual mediation stories and practical advice from a seasoned and authentic mediator.


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