Are Female Narcissists On The Rise? With Robin Caral Shaw

In this riveting episode of Frankly Speaking with Sendra D., host Sendra Dorcé engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Robin Caral Shaw, CEO & Esquire/Mediator, diving deep into the intricate world of female narcissism. Sendra and Robin bring their unique backgrounds in psychology and law to the table, providing listeners with a comprehensive understanding of narcissistic personality disorder and its impact on individuals and relationships, particularly focusing on women narcissists.
Meet the Guest: Robin Caral Shaw, a native New Yorker, holds dual degrees in psychology and political science and has extensive experience in contract law and mediation. With her rich and diverse background, Robin offers a nuanced perspective on the spectrum of narcissistic behaviors, from covert to overt narcissism.
Key Highlights:
Origins of Female Narcissism: Exploration of how childhood experiences and environmental factors shape narcissistic traits, particularly in women.
Spectrum of Narcissistic Behaviors: Detailed examination of covert versus overt narcissism, with a focus on how these behaviors manifest uniquely in women.
Manipulative Tactics: Analysis of common manipulative tactics used by female narcissists, such as love bombing and gaslighting.
Navigating Narcissistic Relationships: Strategies for maintaining self-awareness and self-love when dealing with narcissistic women in personal and professional contexts.
Challenging Misconceptions: Debunking common myths about female narcissists and highlighting the often-overlooked signs of narcissistic behavior in women.
Extreme Manifestations: Discussion on high-profile cases like Jodi Arias and Casey Anthony, highlighting the devastating consequences of unchecked narcissistic behavior in women.
Practical Tips:
• Robin and Sendra provide actionable advice for combating female narcissism and fostering self-empowerment.
• Techniques for setting effective boundaries and practicing resilience in the face of narcissistic behavior from women.
Do not miss this episode as it is filled with insightful gems that help to understand narcissism in women. Tune in to uncover how to detect it before it infects you with confusion and chaos as you learn to strengthen your resolve to combat it and eradicate it from your relationships with resilience and self-love once and for all.


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